Unlock the Secrets of Search Engine Marketing on Twitter


You can optimize your Twitter timing for higher impact on your target audience.

If you have a small business, then you know how important search engine marketing is. In a world of noise, it is difficult to be heard. For every ecstatic company who pulls off a successful Twitter marketing campaign, there are a dozen small businesses who are failing, overwhelmed by feelings of lugubriousness, attacked by emotions of disappointment and frustration. The good news is there are tools for small businesses that can help them share more efficiently and productively.

According to the book Unusually Effective:

The Life of a ‘Tweet’ is not more than a couple of minutes. Once you tweet, it will remain in the visible area of your follower’s newsfeed for at most a couple of minutes and then will be pushed down by other tweets and will be lost into obscurity.

That means there are times when you should Tweet and times when you should hold off. Just like a baseball swing, marketing on Twitter is all about timing. The solution to your problem is to Tweet when your followers are active. Social media is an art and a science. The following app will take care of the scientific part for you, so you can focus on sharing marvelous content.


This application will analyze up to 1000 of your followers for free. It will tell you when they are most active. Schedule your Tweets during this time and give your social media scheme a boost.