Expand Your Content Marketing Efforts Beyond Blogs


An ebook is a great choice to diversify your content because it gives readers extra value in addition to serving as a new material for blogs.

One of the most important trends so far in 2016 related to content marketing is the expansion beyond blogs and articles. In this blog, we’ll explain the importance of content diversity in your strategy.

Businesses are starting to figure out that although blogs are important, they’re not the only type of content. If you only want to attract blog readers to your business, then it’s fine to have a one-dimensional approach. But if you want to attract all types of consumers, then you have to mix things up in your content marketing strategy.

That means including other elements in your campaign. A recent Forbes article suggests writing an ebook and positioning it in the center of your marketing efforts:

“What smart brands are starting to realise is that articles are only the tip of the content iceberg. Take, for example, a campaign by marketing software company Kapost, which centred around the team’s ebook, “Content Marketing Hiring Handbook.” Certainly, an ebook represents a stronger value proposition to viewers than a single blog post, but what’s interesting is that Kapost didn’t just use the book as is.”

Here’s why an ebook is so effective: you can use the content several times over. Let’s say there are 12 chapters in your ebook. You can then write 12 additional blogs about each individual chapter.

And it’s not just about having new material for blogs, either. You can come up with new infographics, surveys, videos, and images — all of which are related to your ebook. It adds elements of consistency and cohesion to your content marketing campaign.

Look beyond blogs and articles in your content strategy. Think bigger and expand your efforts to include other types of content. If you strike gold with a successful ebook, then all your other marketing goals will fall right into place.