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Top 5 Mobile App Design Tools 2020


Mobile app & Software Development company in lagos, akure, Nigeria

Attractive designs not much sufficient to deal with, but persuasive User Interface as well as User Experience matters! The design drives users to access the application because the flow is smoother and meaningful. For the current trend of mobile app design, the designers use the top 5 mobile app UI/UX design tools according to market demand. The mobile app requires an interactive pattern for unique user experience.

InVision Design Tool

A wealthy mobile app design tool InVision is very popular nowadays. InVision is in use by millions of designers and now upgraded with full-stack functionalities. InVision’s new Studio supports top to bottom like Photoshop, and Sketch where designers have a choice to create and edit their tasks with the InVision cloud storage for collaboration. InVision is very impeccable and easy to apply in practice. There are specific features one can design and develop using InVision that are interactive clickable prototypes and mockup designs. It is better for designers who use Photoshop or Sketch can load their screens to InVision and set all the animations and transitions as it is on live websites. InVision has advanced animations on its latest Studio, where designers can bring static screens without writing a single line code. This new tool has a responsive feature inside also, designers can check multiple screens without re-building for various devices that users might use. InVision is compatible with almost browsers to access.

Adobe XD – UI Design tool

Adobe Inc produced a vector-based tool known as Adobe XD for designing and prototyping mobile apps as well as web apps. Wireframe and prototype design for websites and apps are simple to create in XD. A prototype is a significant part of XD. You don’t need to add on any plugins to create a high-level clickable prototype. You can do it in Adobe XD on the spot and connect the prototype with your smartphone to see your prototype on hand.XD offers various features like creating user interface design for mobile apps and also allows creative design and functionality to amplify. Adobe XD overcomes the limitations of previous features that were not supported in Illustrator or Photoshop. XD comes up with a UI kit for various platforms or OSs like Apple iOS, Windows. In XD, designers can work real-time on multiple artboards. Re-touching, image editing, re-sizing, and removing background are quickly done using XD. Adobe XD is lighter than Adobe Photoshop.

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Marvel – Comfortable Prototype Design tool

No need to write a single line of code for designing a prototype using Marvel. It is a more manageable, useful, and altering choice like InVision. Marvel is an all in one design platform that uses for creating a mobile app wireframe for multiple devices. Marvel supports different types of transitions and gestures to implement. Marvel has a clear interface, and that drives designers to use the tool. Its drag and drop feature helps users to assemble designs faster. Comfortably designing in the Marvel platform is the reason to choose also, provides multiple options to share prototypes.

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UXPin is the full-stack UX design platform. An influential User Experience design can develop using UXPin without writing code. Also, all the processes can be taken design to develop in an Agile way. You can design an interactive workflow in less time by importing from Sketch or Photoshop. There are built-in elements to use for creating an adequate design for mobile and web products. It’s built-in libraries support for designing responsive User Interfaces. UXPin is the most exhaustive online solution for UX designers. It provides powerful animations to the user experience design.

The designers smoothly import the UI components from Sketch or Photoshop if they are using Proto has a very interactive design pattern library for creating effortless interactions besides. Mostly, users attract and prefer motion features in mobile apps. Here, in Proto io, the designers easily set transitions as well as customize animations in their prototype. version includes unit testing features and allows comments on the prototype. For app developers, these mobile app design tools are very friendly to match the workflow with the prototype. The app developers have the most benefit to correct the errors, before writing code using a powerful mobile app design tool.


There are several mobile app designing tools we have pass-through under information, namely InVision, Marvel,, UXPin, and Adobe XD. These top 5 mobile app design tools are the most in-demand for prototype design, wireframes, and animations, especially. Each has general, as well as definite features, use before the development process. Pick any of the tools, and you can easily create a prototype, wireframe, import UI components from Sketch or Photoshop. Mostly, designers have their own choices for designing wireframes, prototypes, and setting transitions for animation. What will best for them? iMOBDEV follows the same protocol before the development of the project. Are you looking for your mobile app development with the company that has the best process to implement? Feel free to contact us!

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