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The world as we know it will continue to be increasingly driven by data. From an organization , data analysis is the tool that helps business owners in this day and age both understand how their business is faring and pinpoint areas that need attention.

We as DATA ANALYST, our job is to gather and interpret data in order to solve a specific problem in an organization and also we collect, organise and interpret statistical information to make it useful for a range of businesses and organisations.

Organization in the world now increasingly rely on data to make critical business decisions like
* which new products to develop,
* Which new markets to enter,
* Which new investments to make
* Which new (or existing) customers to target. and so on …..

Our job then as data analyst ,is to assign a numerical value to these important business functions so performance can be assessed and compared over time. But the job involves more than just looking at numbers: An analyst also needs to know how to use data to enable an organization to make more informed decisions.

Mobile app & Software Development company in lagos, akure, Nigeria

*Identify the data you want to analyzes

* Collect the data
* Clean the data in preparation for analysis
* Analyze the data
* Interpret the results of the analysis

* To understand the problem facing an organization
* To explore data in a meaningful way
* To organises, interprets, structures and presents the data into useful information that provides context for the data.
* To Understand business direction and objectives
* Drive effective decision-making
* Increase business productivity

Data analysis strengthens organization by encouraging disciplined thinking, keeping key decision-makers focused, improving processes and optimising communication between business leaders and data experts in order to drive the right conversations for the success of the business.


Therefore, if organizations want to avoid drowning in data, they need to develop a smart strategy that focuses on the data they really need to achieve their goals. You can always run to to get a DATA ANALYSIS FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION

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